What's New in Version 2016.3

Version 2016.3 was released on Dec 21, 2016.

ExpressView is here! This is a brand new interface for viewing data and building tabular reports called ExpressViews. We think that this is a much cleaner and easier way for new or experienced users to make reports, without sacrificing any of the power of Exago.

Check out how simple it is to make an ExpressView. Then explore all the different ways you can customize your ExpressViews without breaking a sweat.

The full list of new features in version 2016.3 is as follows:

  • ExpressView for ad hoc reporting at its easiest
  • New Google Maps designer to allow embedding live, interactive Google Maps with highlighted region data and drop pins
  • Combination Charts and Multi-Axis Charts
  • New Application Themes to make it easier to style the user interface, and to allow for having multiple theme sets at once and switch for different users
  • Ability to integrate third party reports into the Exago interface for a smoother transition, or to preserve backwards compatibility
  • Ability to run aggregate calculations in the database to speed up report execution
  • New Custom Columns to transparently add non-database columns that are usable like any other
  • Many enhancements to Column Metadata, including data field descriptions and custom sorting and grouping
  • Ability to store reports and application data in an Amazon S3 cloud server
  • Interface improvements, including a new SVG icon set
  • Many security and performance enhancements

Clients and evaluation users can download the latest version here.


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