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A new feature of Exago v2016.3 is the ability to add Application Themes. App themes are sets of custom styles and images which change the overall look and feel of the application. Admins can download Premade app themes right here on our support site, or Create and Customize their own.

App themes are set on a per-application basis in the Admin Console or config file. However, when entering through the API, an admin can check the incoming user and switch the theme dynamically:

case "AMA Electronics and Shipping":
myApi.SetupData.General.CssTheme = "AMA Theme";
case "GLA Analytics":
myApi.SetupData.General.CssTheme = "GLA Theme";
myApi.SetupData.General.CssTheme = "Basic";

The benefit of using app themes is that you can easily customize a variety of different ones to fit into different integration environments.

Premade Themes

To install a premade theme from our support site, first visit our downloads page, and select a theme you like. More themes will be added over time.

After downloading the theme, extract it into the "Exago root"\ApplicationThemes file path, while making sure that the folder with the theme's name is at the top-level, with Css, Fonts, and Images folders inside it.

Then use the following Admin Console dropdown to select the theme:

( Feature/UI Settings Application Theme Selection ) <csstheme>

After confirming your selection, you can reload the page to see the theme applied.

NOTE. This will immediately apply the theme for all current users, so you should first test it in a non-production environment.

Custom Themes

Customizing themes is as quick and simple as editing CSS and replacing images. To create a customized theme, simply create a new folder in the ApplicationThemes directory, within it Css, Images, and (optionally) Fonts folders. See Getting Started with Application Themes for more information.

The Css folder contains the stylesheets for every area of the application. See Styling for a list of some commonly customized elements.

The Fonts folder is optional. This allows you to add custom fonts that may not be present on your users' local machines.

The Images folder contains the application icons in png and svg (sub-folder) formats. (See SVG Icons for details on the SVG format). To replace images, simply overwrite the image files.

Additional Notes

Please note that the "Basic" built-in theme will be overwritten upon upgrading Exago to a new version. Therefore if you plan to style Exago, we recommend creating a new theme folder so that any changes are not lost.

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