What's New in Version 2018.2

Developed with both report-builders and administrators in mind, version 2018.2 is packed with features geared toward ease of use and greater functionality in ad hoc reporting, expansion of scheduling capabilities, and wider application accessibility through support of additional database connection types.

Filter by Formula

Create much more powerful filter statements resulting in more granular, precise output in every layer of the application ranging from database filters to filter dropdowns. Combine multiple data objects and functions, custom functions included, into formulas to establish filter strings, complex groupings, and more. 

Tutorial Mode

Takes the guesswork out of building ExpressViews for new users by guiding you through the creation process.

Exporting Dashboards

Make your Dashboards more portable by exporting, e-mailing, and scheduling them in the form of Chained Reports.

Google Maps Enhancements

Add intricacy to your Google Maps with several new features such as hyperlinks and conditional colors.

ExpressView Enhancements

Building and styling ExpressViews are easier and quicker than ever with several additions to functionality including the ability to style multiple sections at once and customize reports in Live Mode using right-click interactive editing.

Scheduled Chained Reports Filters Menu

Add flexibility to the process of scheduling Chained Reports by defining prompting filter and parameter values in the new filters menu in the scheduler wizard. 

Scheduler Reply-To Address Field

Specify who recipients of scheduled or e-mailed reports respond to by setting the reply-to address field in the scheduler wizard using a new default parameter that can be edited by the user.

Reprinting Group Headers

Choose whether to reprint group headers when detail sections span multiple pages.

PDF Template Unflattening

Add dynamic fields to PDF templates by specifying which fields can be edited or unflattened in the exported file.

CData Support / MongoDB

Take advantage of additional native support for MongoDB and CDATA data sources.


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