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As of v2018.2, users can specify a "Reply To" address in the Scheduled report Wizard when creating scheduled reports.

The new setting, "Show 'Reply To' Field in the Scheduler 'Recipients' Tab", has been added to the Admin Console under Scheduler Settings. This setting enables or disables the 'Reply To' field in the Recipients tab when creating or editing a scheduled report.

The "Reply To" Field shown in the Scheduler Wizard.


userEmail parameter

Along with this setting, there is a new parameter named userEmail. Currently, this parameter is used exclusively for the Scheduler Reply To field. If there is a value placed in this parameter, that value will appear as the default value for the Reply To field when creating a new scheduled report. If the field is desired to be blank for any new scheduled reports, this parameter must be left blank.

To set the userEmail as a Reply To address, please refer to this article.

Note: The userEmail parameter cannot be deleted.

The "Reply To" field can be modified when creating a new schedule if the user does not want to use the default value of userEmail. Changing the "Reply To" address here does not affect the value of userEmail.

When using the parameters userId and companyId to identify the user, it is recommended to modify the userEmail parameter based on the userId and companyId. See User Identification for additional information.

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