What's New in Version 2018.1

Version 2018.1 contains several new features aimed at giving end-users more flexibility for creating reports, and giving administrators more precise control over user interface integration and report manipulation. There are also a number of performance optimizations to the front- and back-end of the application.

ExpressView Formula Columns

Create custom columns and groups in ExpressViews based on formulas.

Report-Level Custom SQL Objects

Write reports using custom SQL statements.

Batch REST

Group together REST calls into a single network request, to help speed up session creation.

Cookieless Sessions

Storage of session credentials without using browser cookies. Allows for user interface integration into Cross-Origin environments with the JavaScript API.

Incremental Loading

The Report Viewer now supports Infinite Scrolling. Rows are queried as needed, allowing users to "infinitely" scroll large reports without running the entire data set at once.

OnScheduledReportExecuteStart Server Event

Programmatically intercept and modify reports before scheduled or remote execution occurs.

OnDataCombined Server Event

Enhancement to this event allows for dynamically adjusting report design based on the data returned, before it reaches the UI.

Programmable Data Objects

Suppress superfluous sorting and filtering, and implement Incremental Loading in PDOs using object parameters.

User Interface

New "Selected Cell" menu in dashboards and ExpressViews allows for more precise adjustment of individual report items.

Simpler & more natural looking Advanced Reports created from converting ExpressViews.

Vertical Table Transformations

Transformations are done in the database instead of the application, when possible. Support for joining vertical tables using Advanced Joins.

Google Maps

Ability to use restricted API keys with Google Maps.

Performance optimizations

Better performance of the UI, Incremental Loading, ExpressViews with multiple objects, and more!

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