Implementation Technology Stack

The technology stack below provides a specification of the different products and solutions supported for an Exago BI implementation.


Web Server


Server Distribution

(+ Distributed Scheduler Servers)


Data Sources

  • Arbitrary (out-of-box)
  • ADO.NET (out-of-box)
    • SQL Server
  • ADO.NET Free Driver
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Postgres
    • Informix
    • DB2
  • ADO.NET Paid Driver (CDATA)
  • Partial Support (out-of-box)
Note: Please see the Data Sources article for more information.


Report Storage

Note: Please see Report and Folder Storage/Management for more information.


Schedule Storage


Configuration Storage


Application Integration

Note: Please see the Introduction to Integration article for more information.


Client Browsers

  • IE11
  • Edge
  • Firefox (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Chrome (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Safari (Mac & Mobile)



Note: Please see An Overview of Exago Extensions for more information.

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