Styling Exago

Styling Exago comes in many forms. The three major components are:

  1. Application Themes (The look and feel of the BI platform)
  2. Chart and Designer Themes (Color scheme for visual components)
  3. Localization (The language and default text elements of the BI platform)

Application themes are a way to separate your custom looks from the default look of the Exago Application. By maintaining themes separately you are able to have a base reference point to work with in future updates and looks.

Below you can find useful materials regarding Application Themes.

Another useful component of the application’s look and feel is the Getting Started content that Exago provides as a default landing page in the Full UI. This can be easily modified or removed to meet your particular use case.

Here are materials related to Getting Started Content. There is also a support lab walkthrough of making changes to both of these components should you prefer a guided approach.

Exago offers many chart and report designer themes out of the box. These can be easily manipulated, added to, or changed as necessary. You could have a theme specific to some users or clients, or provide a list of options out of the box.

These resources will help with creating your own Exago specific Chart/Designer Themes.

The final piece is customizing Exago's language to fit your application or territories. Whether you are catering to a global audience, or if you want to tweak Exago's default language and naming conventions to better match your own, there should be no issues making these changes with our highly configurable application.

Below are specific walkthroughs for how to access and change Exago BI’s Language Files and Test Elements.

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