Database Storage of User Preferences

Out of the box, Exago BI defaults to storing user preferences in the client web browser. While this can work as a temporary measure, it is not the ideal solution for a number of reasons.

Reasons to avoid cookies

If a user's browser prevents cookies from being set, then user preferences will not work. If a user clears their browser storage or switches to another computer or browser, they will lose their preferences. And storing data in the browser without the user's explicit permission violates the EU GDPR.

A far better solution is to store user preferences in a database. We now provide a lightweight extension to accomplish this task. This is a precompiled drag-and-drop solution that is compatible with Exago BI versions 2017.1 and later. It uses a local SQLite database file.

Download the solution here. See the README.txt file for setup instructions.

Note: This solution relies on the userId and companyId parameters to generate the unique key for each user preference.

The included source code can be modified, reused, and redistributed for any purpose, free of charge and with no required attribution.

Disclaimer: This extension is not officially supported by Exago Inc.

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