Installing Optional Features

Several features require some additional configuration before they can be used. This may entail downloading some additional files.

Legacy Maps (GeoCharts)

The GeoCharts feature which was present since v2013.2 has an additional requirement for use if you are enabling it for the first time, or if you are implementing your application under a new domain name.

Our mapping features use the Google Maps API. Historically, this was a free solution. However, in June 2016, Google began to require paid licenses for commercial usage.

If you had GeoCharts enabled prior to June 2016, and you have not since changed the domain name of your application, this section does not affect you because you have been grandfathered in.

If you are a new user in need of mapping, we strongly suggest implementing the new Google Maps feature instead of GeoCharts.

If you intend to implement GeoCharts under a new domain name, then you must acquire a Google Maps API License in order to use this feature. See this page for details. Your license must include the Google Maps Javascript API.

Note: For help with API keys, see Google API Console Help.

To install your license file, place your license key in the following setting in the Admin Console:

( Feature/UI Settings ) GeoChart Map Key


Google Maps

There are additional steps needed in order to enable the new Google Maps wizard introduced in v2016.3.

First, you need to download and install a polygon file. This is a free download located on our support site. The file is named 'MapPolygonDataBase.sqlite'. Once you've obtained this file, place it in the following location in your install path (if the folder does not exist, create it):

"Application root"\MapCache

Next, if you're using Windows, you must give the IIS instance user full control permissions for this folder.

  • Right click on the folder and click Properties.
  • In the security tab click “Edit” then “Add."
    • Enter “iis_iusrs then click “Ok.”
  • In the “Permissions for Config” window select the IIS_IUSRS that was just created and check the box for Allow Full Control. Then click “Ok.”

If you're using Linux, you must give the Apache instance user read and write permissions for this folder.

chown $apacheUserID MapCache
chmod -R u+wr MapCache

The new wizard uses the Google Maps API, which requires a paid license for commercial use. You must acquire a Google Maps API License in order to enable this feature. Please see the the Maps and Places > Geocoding sections of the Google Maps Pricing Table for details. You must obtain a Google Maps Javascript API key and a Google Maps Geocoding API key, either as part of the same license, or separate.

Note: Licensing fees are subject to change by Google.
Note: For help with API keys, see Google API Console Help.

To install your license file, first toggle the following setting to True:

( Feature/UI Settings ) Show Google Maps Wizard

Place your unlimited license key or Google Maps JavaScript API key in the following setting in the Admin Console:

( Feature/UI Settings ) Google Map Key (unlimited or JS API restricted)

If you used a Google Maps JavaScript API limited key in the previous setting, place your Google Maps Geocoding API key in the following setting:

( Feature/UI Settings ) Google Map Key (optional Geocode API restricted)


Application Themes

Application themes are customizations that change the look of the Exago UI. App themes are applied for all users of the application. These are not included in the installer, and must instead be downloaded from our support site. All app themes can be fully customized using CSS and image editing. We will periodically introduce new ones over time.

App themes are provided as compressed folders. To add an app theme to Exago, uncompress the folder into the following location in your install path:

"Application root"\ApplicationThemes

There should be separate folders for each app theme (the default is "Basic").

Then, use the Admin Console to select the app theme from the following dropdown:

( Feature/UI Settings ) Application Theme Selection

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