Advanced Security Options for the Admin.aspx Page

Password Protection

The simplest layer of security for the Admin console is to add login credentials via the Admin settings. 

Navigate to:
General > Other Settings > User ID/Password/Password Confirmation

Removing the XML from the File Storage

For added layers of security, you can remove your XML from the file storage manually to protect sensitive information that can be stored there.
By navigating to your install path of Exago and opening the Config folder, you will find both the Webreports.xml as well the Webreports.xml.enc. When the Webreports.xml is removed from this location Exago will instead use the Encrypted xml. that is created and updated any time changes are made to the WebReports.xml. 

Note. Make sure to store your WebReports.xml somewhere secure for any later adjustments. 


Hiding the Admin.aspx page

For added security you can make the Admin page completely inaccessible.

Navigate to your File Storage location of Exago and locate the Bin folder:

Exago > Bin > admin.aspx.cdcab7d2.compiled

The file stored here (the first file under the folder 'wkhltmltoimage'), when relocated or renamed, will remove access to the Admin.aspx page.
Upon navigation to this page after removal, a message is displayed that can be customized within the Admin.aspx placeholder found under:

Exago > Admin.aspx

Above is the default text and an added text for this example.
Below is what appears when navigating to the page.

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