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If the data row count is zero upon execution, the message above is automatically generated. Thankfully within Exago there are a few ways to handle this, the first being to avoid it happening accidentally due to Filter errors.


Allow Filter Dependencies

Within the Admin Console, navigate to: 

  • General Settings > Filter Settings.
  • Set "Allow Filter Dependencies" to 'True'

By setting this to 'True', you allow drop-down values, when using multiple filters, to become dependent on the filter(s) above.

In this sample data I have several Categories of Data, Beverages, Condiments, Confections, etc. Each contains a list of products.


When Filter Dependencies is set to 'False'

If I set the first Filter on Categories.CategoryName, and the second filter on Products.ProductName, then I will first be able to select from all the Category Names and then all the Products Names as filter values.


With all of the Product Name values present in the filter value drop-down, it is possible to select a value that isn't part of the previously selected category; in this case, 'Meat/Poultry'. This type of error will cause "No Data Qualified for this Report." to appear upon execution.


When Filter Dependencies set to 'True'

With the exact same filters selected, Filter Dependencies will limit the second Filter Value Drop-down to only show the appropriate values based on the first Filter value instead of showing all. 


Allowing Execution When No Data Qualified

A lesser known feature of Exago is the ability to execute a report even if No Data is Qualified. This functionality is useful in situations where a user still wants to see the report or when a custom message is conditionally set for when no data is qualified.

(See below for more information on conditionally setting a message for No Data Qualified.)


Navigate to the Options Menu of the Report Designer Options.

  • Within the drop-down select Options > General Options
  • Use the drop-down associated with "Show No Data Qualify Display Mode"
  • Select Show Report instead and the report will execute without the error message


Common Use Case

This functionality is commonly used when reports are being shown via a Dashboard and users want at least the Title and or provide a custom message to appear, rather than the intrusion of an error message on the Dashboard.

NOTE. When using "Show Report" instead of the message, the only items that will appear in the execution are those that aren't connected to the data.

Ie: Title, text in the headers, images, etc.


Custom Message Options

When using the display mode Show Report, for No Data Qualified, it may be preferable to leave a custom message for the viewer upon execution. This can be done using Custom Formatting in the report designer. 

Using a built in function, Exago can conditionally suppress a cell to only show when the report has returned "No Data Qualified."

First, select the cell you wish to show and then use the Format Cells () option either in the toolbar or by right-clicking and selecting Format Cells.

NOTE. For this example I'm using the report footer as one large cell to show conditionally.

Select the 'Conditional' tab within the Formatting Designer and add () a conditional function. Set to 'Suppress Section' and select the function editor icon (). 


The function used is under:

  • Database and Datatype > IsNoDataQualified
  • Set to 'False' 


Upon execution, all the elements that are not data as well as the conditional message should appear within the execution.

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