Custom Function: Fix length of strings

This function lets you set report values to a fixed length. Longer values are cut off, and shorter values have spaces added to match the specified length.

Arguments (Min - Max): 2 - 2


FixLength(x, y)

  • x is the string value to process
  • y is the number of characters to set the string length


string text = args[0].ToString();
int length = Convert.ToInt32(args[1]);
int buffer = length - text.Length;

if (text.Length >= length)
  return text.Substring(0, length);

for (int i = 0; i < buffer; i++)
  // check the export type for which spacer to use
  text += (sessionInfo.Report.ExecExportType == WebReports.Api.wrExportType.Html ? "&nbsp;" : " ");

return text;

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