Saving Schedules to a Repository

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This guide will walk administrators through the process of saving schedules to a repository rather than emailing them

Initial Setup

Set a Report Path

Navigate to the scheduler install path and locate a configuration file called "eWebReportsScheduler.xml".

Note: This xml must be configured properly before the scheduler service will function. For more on configuring your scheduler see configuring the Scheduler

In the eWebReportsScheduler.xml file set a repository for the "report Path" parameter.


For this example, a local directory is set

After configuring the scheduler navigate to the admin console.


In the Admin Console set the "Email Scheduled Reports" parameter is set to False.

Note: Enabling "Show Schedule Delivery Options" will allow users to select per scheduler whether to send the report to a repository or to email it.

From here, schedule a report and instead of receiving it as an email the output will be saved to the set directory.

For more on scheduling reports see our scheduling a report guide.

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