Advanced Options

Click ‘Advanced’ in the Toolbar drop-down menu to open the Advanced Options window. This window allows you to specify additional information about how the Data Categories relate to each other.

If a report has two or more Data Categories, then information will only appear if it matches both categories. Using the check boxes, specify information that you want displayed even if it only exists in one of the Data Categories.

For example if a report has two Data Categories, Orders and Customers, then only customers who have made orders will appear. By checking the appropriate box you can include information on customers that have not made orders.


More Advanced Options

If you have been given permissions, additional options are available in the Advanced Menu.


  • To add a new join click the 'Add' button ().
  • To edit a join click the 'Edit' button ().
  • Restore the default joins by clicking the 'Recreate' button ().
  • To remove a join click the 'Delete' button ().


When you click the 'Add' or 'Edit' buttons the Report Join Menu will appear. In this menu you can create or modify a Join for the report.

  • To set the From Category select a Data Field from the Category and drag it into the ‘Join From’ panel or use the ‘Add From’ button ().
  • To set the To Category select a Data Field from the Category and drag it into the ‘Join To’ panel or use the ‘Add To’ button ().
  • Use the Up and Down Arrow buttons () to reorder the Data Fields. The position of each Field in ‘Join From’ should match the position of its corresponding Field in ‘Join To’.
Ex. In the image below Customers.CustomerID corresponds to Orders.CustomerID so both Fields are at the top of their sections.

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