Managing Existing Requests

Requests that were opened with us prior to the launch of our Support Center can be viewed in the 'View My Requests' window.


View My Requests

Upon opening the window, you will be able to see all previous requests you have opened with us.


Open Cases

Cases that have a status of 'Open' can be responded to directly within the case itself. 


NOTE. All previous contacts made outside of the support site regarding this case cannot be viewed. Going forward, all correspondence through the support site can be viewed within the request.


Solved Cases

Cases that have a status of 'Solved' that were opened within the Support Site can be re-opened if necessary by responding to the case.

NOTE. Cases that were opened before the Support Site and have a status of 'Solved' cannot be interacted with any further. If you have any questions about a past 'Solved' case. please contact us and we'll do our best to assist. 


If further correspondence on this case is necessary, you can opt to "submit a follow-up" to the case. This will bring you to the 'Submit a Request' window. For more information on the submission process, please click here.  


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