Exago Installation Manifest

When installing the Exago Host Application, the installer will create a new manifest file on your system called ‘ExagoMainfest.txt’. It is very important that you DO NOT delete this file.

Some features in the Exago application enable you to create your own files located in the Exago’ installation folder outside of the Config folder. The manifest file ensures that future installs of Exago do not wipe out the local files that you have created.

During subsequent upgrades to the Host Application, the installer will read the manifest file to determine which files to over-write.

Important: If the manifest file exists but the installer cannot access it, the installation will fail and give notification.

If, however, the manifest file does not exist, any files in the Exago tree outside of the "Config" folder will be deleted. Additionally, any custom .aspx pages or image files that live outside the Config folder (such as per-user styling) will be erased.


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