Installing the Scheduler Service

The version and build number of the Scheduler Service must match that of the Web Application.

You may have different installations of Exago with different versions/builds on separate servers. The Scheduler Service installation wizard allows you to install multiple Schedulers to maintain corresponding version/builds with the Web Application.

Use the following steps to install the Scheduler Service on Windows:

  • Download the latest Windows or Linux installers here.
  • Make sure your antivirus is software disabled and run the installation wizard as an Administrator.

For Windows

  • Click the Scheduler button.
  • Click Next to bring up the ‘Select Installation Location’ menu.
  • Specify if you want to create a new service or if you want to update an existing one.
  • To create a new service set a name and location.
  • Select to who the Exago Scheduler Windows Service will be installed. By default, “Everyone” is selected. Click Next.
  • Confirm your location selections by clicking Next
  • Monitor the installation and click Finish when it is complete.

For Linux

  • Run " " as root.
  • Enter 3 for the Scheduler Service
If you elect to install the Scheduler Service, the installer will create the sub directory "Scheduler" in your previously specified install path.
  • Follow the prompts

To configure the Scheduler Service, continue to this article.

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