Step 5: Extensions

Exago comes with a high degree of extensibility. For a quick overview of some of the ways an administrator can configure Exago to have custom functionality, see the article below:

An Overview of Exago Extensions

Following are some of the methods by which custom behavior can be added to Exago:



Formulas are used in many aspects of report design and allow the user to perform calculations, call administrator-defined functions, and much more.


Server Events

Server Events allow an administrator to plug in custom logic using C#, VB.NET, or JavaScript during report execution as well as several other places in the Exago flow.


Action Events

Action Events give the administrator the ability to execute both client-side and server-side code in response to a UI event.



Customized Themes are available for several different Exago features, including reports, charts, maps, and gauges.


Custom Filter Functions

Custom Filter Functions give the ability to add to Exago's built-in filter function list which includes functions like Today() and FirstDayOfLastYear().


For more information on Exago extensibility, check out the Extensibility section of the Support Center.


Step 4: Administration Console and API


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