Understanding Exago Releases

Starting with v2016.1, Exago releases will follow a regular schedule designed to maximize throughput of features and bugfixes and maintain stability between releases. This graphic illustrates how the Exago version # corresponds to the releases and fixes.


Feature Releases

Several times a year, a new version of Exago with an enhanced feature set will be released.  

Example: v2016.2.5.124

The '2' following 2016 indicates the second feature set release of 2016.


Bugfix Releases

Monthly, bugfix releases will be made to all applicable supported feature set releases.  

Example: v2016.2.5.124

The '5' indicates the fifth bugfix release of the second feature set of 2016.


Release Timeline

The Exago team always makes a best effort to include enhancements and fixes for issues as early as possible.  In order to determine priority for the inclusion of such changes, the team takes into account several factors including the urgency of the client's issue, overall impact of the change to the product, and Exago's own development timeline.


Early-Access Releases

By request, Exago may provide early access to the feature set version currently in development before it is released as a fully developed and tested "stable" version. To know whether or not a release is an early-access version, examine the last number (build number) in the version string.  Any build number less than 100 indicates an early-access release.

Example: v2016.2.5.45

The last numbers, beyond the second decimal are less than 100, which indicates an early-access release

v2016.2.5.124 indicates a GA release.



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