Reporting an Issue

Why would I use this form?

The 'Report an Issue' ticket form is intended for reporting issues within Exago, including but not limited to error messages, behavior that has changed, and unexpected report output. Please be advised that issues may be related to changes made by administrators or users and are not necessarily a bug. Exago will investigate each reported issue, determine whether it is a bug or an issue, and schedule it accordingly.

For more information about our build process, please see the Understanding Exago Releases article. 


How do I find the Feature Request Form?

  1. Navigate to the Support Center home page (
  2. Click on the 'Submit a Request' button located under the search bar

  3. In the dropdown box, select 'report an issue'

  4. Fill out the ticket form as completely as possible. A description of each field can be found in the section below.


What information do I need?


This form contains many questions that will help you accurately describe the issue you are experiencing. This section will break down the required, optional, and conditional fields contained in this ticket form.


The subject is a synopsis of the issue. Make sure that it describes the problem you are experiencing.

  • Example: JavaScript error when creating a new Standard Report


You'll need to include a description of the issue, including the expected behavior and the actual observed behavior.

How significant is this issue?

This describes the importance of the issue as it relates to the impact on Exago usability.

  • No impact - The issue is minor and/or has no impact on use.
  • Some progress is possible without resolving this issue - This may be applicable if you currently have a workaround or have a flexible time constraint.
  • Difficult to even make minimal progress without resolving this issue - This indicates that this issue will need to be resolved soon, possibly before a scheduled product release. The affected Exago feature can still be used in the meantime but may require a workaround. 
  • Cannot make any progress until this issue is resolved- This indicates a critical is that is preventing users from utilizing the feature and/or is holding up the implementation of a new system/upgrade. 

Your Exago Environment

This corresponds to the version and build that you are running in the environment in which the issue is being observed. To find the current version and build press Ctrl+Shift+V anywhere within Exago. 

Steps to Replicate

These are the steps taken to produce the behavior you are seeing. Try to eliminate steps that are specific to your environment and external to Exago.

Are you receiving an error or exception?

Sometimes an issue in Exago is accompanied by an error message. Depending on your environment, you may see a generic error message or a full stack trace. The stack trace helps our developers in identifying the root cause of the issue and can be found in the log file. If you have Remote Execution enabled, the log file can be found in the Scheduler install directory. Otherwise, the log file can be found in the temp folder located in the Exago install directory.

If you are not sure whether Remote Execution is enabled or have trouble locating the log file, please contact your administrator for assistance.

Have you recently made changes to your environment?

Recent changes can have an impact on behavior. If you were receiving the desired outcome in the past, list any known changes that were made since this behavior was last observed.

Have you recently updated to a new version/build of Exago?

In the previous question you may have indicated that you recently updated to a new version/build. If this is the case, it is helpful to know the version/build you have updated from.

Is this behavior report specific?

This indicates whether the issue has been observed / can be replicated on multiple reports. If the scope is limited to a single report, please identify elements that differ from other unaffected reports. This will help narrow down the issue more quickly.

Is this behavior user specific?

User specific Roles are defined by administrators in Exago. If the behavior is specific to a single user, please provide more information about Role settings that differ from other users.

Is this behavior machine specific?

This may refer to situations in which the environment on two workstations is the same but the issue is present on one machine and not the other. If this is occurring, please provide details about the machine that differs from others. Example: operating system, time zone

Can you replicate this behavior consistently?

By following the steps to replicate above, are you able to produce this behavior every time?

Do you have a workaround for this behavior?


What type of issue is this?

This helps narrow down the issue you are seeing and displays additional questions that will help us investigate this issue more quickly. The three options available are:

  • Report Design/Execution - Issues relating to the structure of reports, report output, and execution.
  • User Interface - Front-end issues relating to menus, customization, and other visual components of Exago.
  • Administrative/API - Back-end features and settings, including the Administration Console, API-related issues, and integration.

The following three sub-sections will walk through the questions in each of these categories.


Report Design/Execution


What type of report is it?

Select the type of report that is producing the behavior.

Please select all affected output types:

Select all the output formats in which this behavior is occurring.

What browser are you using?

Please select the primary browser you are using to access Exago. if you are using Internet Explorer, also indicate whether you have Compatibility Mode enabled.


User Interface


Is this behavior browser specific?

Browser specific refers to behavior that can only be seen in a specific browser. If you are seeing different behavior in other browsers, please indicate this in the text box below.

What browser are you using?

Please select the primary browser you are using to access Exago. if you are using Internet Explorer, also indicate whether you have Compatibility Mode enabled, as it can have an impact on the user interface.

Are you using any custom CSS for styling?

Exago offers a default interface design that can be overridden using Custom CSS. Please describe which UI components have been modified. If you are unsure whether Custom CSS has been applied, please contact your administrator.

Does your environment have any active Action Events?

Action Events consist of custom client-side code linked to UI components in order to change their functionality. Please provide details about which UI items the Action Events apply to as well as details about the code that is being executed. If you are not certain of whether these are active in your environment, please contact your administrator.

Are you receiving a JavaScript error?

Interruptions in interactive user interface functionality are sometimes caused by underlying JavaScript errors. To determine whether a JavaScript error is present, open the browser's developer tools (pressing f12) and navigate to the Console tab. If a JavaScript error is present, either copy/paste the error in the text box below or upload a screenshot of the error(s) to the ticket.




Where does the issue occur?

Select the category that best applies to the issue you are seeing. If specifying 'Other', please enter a new category.


Tips and best practices

  • Be as descriptive as possible and include all applicable information. More details will ensure the best possible response.
  • Screenshots can be uploaded to add more clarity to the inquiry, use case, or observed behavior.
  • Check out our How-To articles to make sure that your question hasn't previously been answered and our Admins/Users sections for supplemental information. 
  • End users - If you are unsure about any ticket form questions, please check with your administrator. 

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