Put Aggregate Functions in the Report Header

Aggregate functions MUST be placed in a Group or Report Footer in order to calculate correctly. 

That being said, it is possible to reference a cell with an Aggregate Function in order to place it anywhere else in the report. To do this without interfering with the Aggregation,

  1. First create the aggregation in the Report Footer.


  2. Next you'll want to add a Cell Reference in the desired cell, to the location of the Aggregation.
  3. To add a cell reference use the Column letter and Row number as seen in the image below.
    NOTE. For this example I have added another row to the footer section to distinguish one of the two aggregations.


  4. The aggregation will now appear in the Header as well as the Footer Section.
NOTE. If you want to only show the aggregation in the header you can Suppress the row with the aggregation and the formula will still appear in the cell with the reference.


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