Export Permissions

Users can export reports to one of 5 output types:

  1. runreporticon.png or runreport.png for HTML
  2. Excelexporticon.png 
  3. PDFexporticon.png 
  4.  RTFexporticon.png 
  5. CSVexporticon.png

If you do not see one of these output types, it could be for a few reasons:

  1. Dashboard Reports(dashboardicon.png) can be executed to HTML to allow for the interactive capabilities that Dashboards are intended for, or they can be exported as a Chained Report as of v2018.2.exportmenumore.png
  2. Chained Reports(chainedreportsicon.png) can only be executed to an output type that is shared among all reports that are contained within the Chained Report, and cannot be executed to HTML.chainedreportmenuexports.png
    • Ex: A user created Chained Report "My First Chained Report" contains 3 Reports. Reports 1 and 2 can only be executed to RTF, PDF, and Excel. Report 3 can only be executed to RTF and PDF. Therefore, "My First Chained Report" can only be executed to RTF and PDF.
  3. Your report may only be configured to export to a selected number of output types. For information on setting 'Allowed Export Types' by report, refer to the General Options guide.
  4. Export types may be restricted in your environment. Contact your administrator for more information.

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