Report Designer

The Report Designer can be used to add data, charts, formulas, sorts, filters, and many other features to a report.

The Report Designer has three parts: the Design Grid, the Data, and the Toolbar.


Design Grid

In the design grid, you can:

  • Add and delete rows, columns, and sections.
  • Enter Data Fields, text, and formulas.
  • Drag and drop data and text into different sections, rows, or columns.

(Find more info here.)


Data Menu

Through the data menu, you can:

  • Drag and drop Data Fields onto the report.

Click the splitter () to hide the data menu. The splitter is located at the top left of the design grid within the data menu.



Using the toolbar you can:

  • Rename the report.
  • Add, modify, or remove sorts and filters.
  • Format cells’ font, font size, alignment, color, and borders.
  • Use the Formula Editor to create complex functions.
  • Insert charts, gauges, and images.
  • Link reports, allowing users to drilldown for more detail.
  • Save the report.
  • Run the report in the Report Viewer
  • Export the report to Excel, CVS, RTF, or PDF
  • Add or remove Data Categories from the report.
  • Add an Action Event. (If you do not see this option, your administrator may have disabled it.)

(Find more info here.)

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