Saving Scheduled Reports to External Repository

When using the Exago Scheduling Service you may specify for reports to be saved to a repository instead of having them emailed as attachments. When a Scheduled report is run and saved a callout to the External Interface will be made to notify the host application. This will allow the host application to notify the appropriate users their report is available.

To utilize the Repository:

  1. Set ‘Email Scheduled Reports’ in the Scheduler Settings to False.
  2. In the Exago Scheduling Service installation open the file ExagoScheduler.xml.
  3. Set the parameter “<report_path>” to specify the repository you want to use.
  4. Create the function ScheduledReportExecutionComplete(string companyId, string userId, string reportName, string exportFileName, int statusCode, string statusMsg) in the External Interface to notify the host application the report execution is complete.

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