Using Exago Within a WinForm

To embed Exago within a WinForm application the following properties should be set within the WebReportsCtrl line of the .aspx page that contains Exago (default is Exagohome.aspx).

  • WinFormsApp – Set to True to ensure proper functionality within Exago.
  • BrowserEmulation – Forces Exago to emulate the behavior of a specific browser. Valid Values are as follows: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

The example below shows these properties being set to force emulation of IE9 and make Exago aware that it is running within a WinForms application.

<wr:WebReportsCtrl ID="WebReportsCtrl" runat="server" BrowserEmulation="IE9" WinFormsApp="true" />
NOTE. The Host application can disable right clicking within Exago by setting the property IsWebBrowserContextMenuEnabled on the browser control to False.

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