Culture Settings

The culture settings give administrators control over formats and symbols that vary amongst geographic location (e.g. $ is the currency symbol in the U.S.A but € is the symbol used in Europe). These settings can be overwritten for a specific user or group of users by modifying the Role. For more information see Roles.

The following settings are available:

Date Format

The format of date values. May be any .NET standard (ex. MM/dd/yyyy).

Time Format

The format of time values. May be any .NET standard (ex. h:mm:ss tt).

DateTime Format

The format of date-time values. May be any .NET standard (ex. M/d/yy h:mm tt).

Note: For more details on .NET Date, Time and DateTime Format Strings please visit

Date Time Values Treated As

Choose to format DateTime as Date or DateTime values. To change this setting for specific columns see Column Metadata.

Note: Column metadata will override culture settings.

Numeric Separator Symbol

Symbol used to separate 3 digit groups (ex. thousandths) in numeric values. The default is ‘,’.

Numeric Currency Symbol

Symbol prepended to numeric values to represent currency. The default is ‘$’.

Numeric Decimal Symbol

Symbol used for numeric decimal values. The default is a period (.).

Numeric Decimal Places

Default number of decimal places for numeric fields to show. Leave blank to keep variable by field.

Currency Decimal Places

(v2016.3+) Default number of decimal places for currency fields to show. Leave blank to keep variable by field.

Apply Numeric Decimal Places to General Cell Formatting

Set to true to apply the Numeric Decimal Places to any cell that has Cell Formatting set to General but contains a number. Default value is false.

Apply General Currency Right Alignment

(v2016.3+) Set to true to cause currency values to appear right-aligned by default in report cells.

Server Time Zone Offset

A null-able decimal value that is used to convert server to client time (the negation is used to convert client to server time). Leave blank to use server time, or to use External Interface to calculate value.

Note: This offset is not applied to data coming from Data Sources. It is utilized by the Exago UI such as the Scheduling Service.

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