Install and Configure the Web Service

Web Services API

Use the following steps to install the Web Service API on Windows:

  • Download the latest Windows or Linux installers here.
  • Make sure your antivirus software is disabled and run the installation wizard as an Administrator.

For Windows

  • Click the Web Service button.
  • Click Next to bring up the ‘Select Installation Location’ menu.
  • In this menu specify the web site, virtual directory and physical directory where you want Exago installed. Click Next.
NOTE. The Web Service API must be installed on the same server and web site as the Exago Application.
  • Confirm your location selections by clicking Next.
  • Monitor the installation and click Finish when it is complete.

For Linux

  • Run " " as root.
  • Enter 2 for the Web Services API
NOTE. If you elect to install the Web Service API the installer will create the sub directory "WebServiceApi" in your previously specified install path.
  • Follow the prompts

Configuring Web Services API

To configure the Web Service API edit the file ‘WebReportsApi.xml’ which is located in the Config sub-folder where the Web Service API is installed. The location of the Config sub-folder is determined when the Web Service API is installed. Set the following items:

  • apppath – file path to the Exago web application. E.g. "C:\Exago"
  • throwexceptiononerror – set to true if you want to catch exceptions in your application thrown by Exago.
  • writelog – To turn on logging for the web service, set this to true. Then configure log4net by adding a log4net.config file to the \Config folder, as described in this article. Set web service logging to the INFO level unless directed otherwise.
    Note: Grant write permissions to the ASP.NET app pool user for the log file directory.

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