Requesting a Feature

Why would I use this form?

The 'Request a Feature' ticket form is intended for requesting features that are not currently available within Exago. Please note that requesting a feature does not ensure that it will be included in a future build. We will, however, take your suggestion into consideration and notify you if/when it becomes available. 

For more information about our build process, please see the Understanding Exago Releases article. 


How do I find the Feature Request Form?

  1. Navigate to the Support Center home page (
  2. Click on the 'Submit a Request' button located under the search bar

  3. In the drop down box, select 'request a feature'

  4. Fill out the ticket form as completely as possible. A description of each field can be found in the section below.

What information do I need?



The subject is a synopsis of the feature request. Please be sure that it describes the feature you are requesting.

  • Example: Add the ability to sort by formula


You'll need to include a description of the feature and, if possible, provide a use case. The use case outlines how the feature would be used in your organization if implemented.

How important is this feature

This describes the importance of the feature as it relates to the impact on Exago usability.

  • No impact - The feature would be 'nice to have' and/or there is no time constraint.
  • Some progress is possible without this feature - This may be applicable if you currently have a workaround or have a flexible time constraint.
  • Difficult to even make minimal progress without this feature - This indicates that this feature will be required soon but Exago can still be used in the meantime.
  • Cannot make any progress until this feature is implemented - This indicates a critical feature that is holding up the implementation of a new system/upgrade. 

Tips and best practices

  • Be as descriptive as possible and include all applicable information. More details will ensure the best possible response.
  • Screenshots can be uploaded to add more clarity to the inquiry, use case, or observed behavior.
  • Check out our How-To articles to make sure that your question hasn't previously been answered and our Admins/Users sections for supplemental information. 
  • End users - If you are unsure about any ticket form questions, please check with your administrator. 

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