Scheduling a Report

Users have the ability to create Scheduled Reports to run at defined intervals. This can be useful for the automation of commonly executed reports, ensuring consistency in execution. Supported report types are Advanced Reports, Express Reports, CrossTab Reports, and Chained Reports (v2016.3+).


Scheduler Options

There are multiple ways to interact with the Scheduler. Users can choose to:



  1. Create a recurring Schedule
  2.  Email a report immediately 
  3.  View Scheduled Jobs in Scheduler Manager


Creating a Recurring Schedule


In this menu, users can create a Scheduled Report to run at a specified range and recurrence pattern. For more information on creating a scheduled job, click here


Emailing a Report Immediately


In addition to creating a recurring schedule, the application provides the option to email a report execution immediately. To do this, simply select the desired report to email, click the Scheduler drop-down, and select the "e-mail now" option. Users are then prompted to fill out the email address and select the output format for the report. A popup alert confirms that the emailed job has been completed.


Schedule Manager


Details on scheduled jobs can be viewed within the Schedule Manager. The information listed for each scheduled job may include:

  • CompanyID
  • UserID
  • Scheduler Host
  • Schedule Name
  • Type
  • Report Name
  • Last Run Date
  • Next Run Date
  • Status
  • Run Count 

Scheduled jobs can be modified () and ended (). Pressing the flush () button will remove all scheduled jobs that have been completed or deleted.

NOTE. Some users may not see all of these options in the Schedule Manager. The content displayed here is controlled by Administrators.


Emailing Reports


Reports can be scheduled to be emailed to one or more recipients at the interval and frequency specified in the Recurrence tab. In addition to choosing Recipients, a user can modify the subject of the email to be sent as well as add any accompanying text in the body of the email. The subject and text will display as the subject and text of a regular email, and the report will be added as an attachment.


Saving Reports to a Repository

In addition to being emailed, Scheduled Reports can be set to run and automatically saved to a specific location. This can be useful for users who wish to automate certain report executions but do not wish to add extra clutter to an email inbox.

To send Scheduled Reports to a repository instead of a recipient via email, simply uncheck the 'Email Reports' option in the Recipients tab when creating a new Scheduled Report. For more information on creating a Schedule Job, please see the Scheduling Reports guide.

NOTE. Some users may be unable to utilize 'Email Reports' as an option. This feature is set by the Administrator. 


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