Report Types

The application enables users to create five different types of reports, each designed to serve a specific function. These report types can be split into two categories: Standalone Reports and Composite Reports. This guide will provide basic knowledge on what each of the different report types can accomplish.


Standalone Reports

Standalone Reports are single reports that can contain underlying elements such as Formulas, Categories, Sorts, and Filters to summarize a set of data. These reports can also be used as the building blocks of Composite Reports. There are three types of Standalone Reports:

  1. Express Reports ()
  2. Advanced Reports ()
  3. Crosstab Reports ()


Express Reports ()


Express Reports give users the quickest and most intuitive route to creating a basic report. In the Express Report Wizard, users are able to apply essential operations such as sorting, filtering, and applying formatting themes.


Advanced Reports ()


Advanced Reports provide users to create advanced reports containing charts, maps, gauges, and images. A grouping feature grants users more control over how the data is displayed.


Crosstab Reports ()


Crosstab reports allow users to pivot data, displaying and summarizing it in a way expands dynamically both vertically and horizontally. The Crosstab Designer blends the themed formatting of an Express Report Wizard with some of the added control of the Report Designer.


Composite Reports

Composite Reports can contain one or more Standalone Reports. The two types of Composite Reports are:

  1. Dashboards ()
  2. Chained Reports (


Dashboards ()


Dashboards provide a way to easily drag and drop Standalone Reports, images, and other components to create a personalized display, turning data into easily discerned information. Use the drag-and-drop interface to create Visualizations directly within the Dashboard Designer, summarizing the information with just a few clicks.


Chained Reports ()

Chained Reports comprise multiple existing reports executed in a specific order and compiled into a single document. They are a simplified method for managing reports en masse.


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