Use Parameters as Filter Values

Parameters are user created objects that can be used to either prompt for values or store assigned values.  One of the many uses of Parameters is using them as Filter Values.


Report Design


In this example, we will use a Parameter value to filter the report by a given Sales Quota. This report will only show corresponding values for {OrderDetails.Quantity} ≥ @SalesQuota@.



Note: If you wish to use a filter operator that accepts more than one argument (i.e. 'Is One Of'), you will need to use multiple distinct Parameters, you cannot use multiple calls to the same Parameter value. 


Report Execution

Upon executing the report, you will be prompted for a Parameter value. If you are not prompted for a Parameter value, you may have entered the Parameter value incorrectly, or your Parameter may be set to hidden. For more information on Parameters, click here or contact your administrator.


Upon executing, you will see the results of your Report filtered accordingly.

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