Main Settings

The main settings are the basic options for Exago. The following settings are available:


Report Path

The parent folder for all reports. The Report Path may be:

  • Virtual Path
  • Absolute Path – used to provide increased security (ex. C:\Reports)
  • Web Service URL or .NET Assembly – using a Web Service or .Net Assembly allows reports and folders to be managed in a database. For more information see Report Folder Storage & Management

Temp Path

The location where temp files are stored. The Temp Path may be:

  • Blank – All temp files and images will be saved to ./Temp.
  • Virtual Path
  • Absolute Path – Temp files will be saved to the absolute path and image files will be saved to ./Temp
Important: Before deploying into a production environment be sure to set a Temp Path that resides behind your server’s firewall/security system.

Temp Cloud Service

Web Service, .Net Assembly, or Azure Authentication string used to integrate into a Cloud Environment. For more information see Cloud Environment Integration.

Language File

List of the xml files that specify language strings. See Modifying Select Language Elements for more details.

Temp URL

Overrides the portion of the temporary URL used to store images from HTML exports. Temp URL can override just the scheme (i.e. https) or the full URL.

Allow Direct Access to Exago

A boolean setting:

  • True – allows users direct access to Exago with no security.
  • False – users must be authenticated by the host application to enter Exago. Users that try to directly access Exago will receive a message saying ‘Access Denied.’
Important: We highly recommend setting this to False before deploying Exago in a production environment.

Allow Execution in Viewer

Enables or disables running reports in the Report Viewer.

Allowed Export Types

The available formats for exporting all reports. Check the box of the formats that should be available.

Default Output Type

The export format that appears when a new report is selected unless a specific export format is set in the Options Menu of the Report Designer.

Note: The Default Output Type must be one of the available Allowed Output Types.

Report Tree Shortcut (v2017.2+)

Whether the report execute button in the report tree defaults to Run the report in the Report Viewer, or Export the report to the default format.

Active Role (v2019.1+)

Retains the Id of the Role to be made active upon session start. The active Role may be changed manually using the dropdown. For more information please see the Roles article.

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