Version, Connections, and Permissions

This section will detail a few useful things to check when troubleshooting an issue within Exago.

Verifying Folder Permissions

A common issue when installing or updating Exago is to not set read/write permissions on various folders the application uses. For these folders the user accessing them via the IIS app pool must have read write permissions. For the default app pool this is the IIS user (‘iis_iusrs’ for Windows 7, Vista & 2008, ‘aspnet’ for Windows XP or Server 2003). The folders that require read/write permissions are listed below.

  • <webapp_dir>/Config – this folder contains the configuration settings loaded and modified by the Admin Console.
  • <webapp_dir>/Temp – this folder is used to store some temporary files.
  • The folder specified in the Report Path of the Main Settings.
  • The folder specified in the Temp Path of the Main Settings.

Verifying Administration Settings

Some settings in the Administration Console are used to connect to other programs such as databases, Web Services, .Net Assemblies or the External Interface module. Each of these items will have a green check button to verify they are connecting correctly.

The following settings can be checked:

  • The Data Source(s) being utilized by the report you are investigating.
  • The ‘Schedule Remoting Host’ and ‘Remote Execution Remoting Host’ in Scheduler Settings.
  • The ‘External Interface’ in Other Settings.

Verifying Versions

When updating Exago occasionally issues arise because the Scheduler Service or Web Service Api have not also been updated. For the Scheduler and Web Service Api to function properly they must be running the same version and build as the Exago application.

NOTE. When using the .Net Api you will need to copy the dlls from the updated Exago application to the bin directory of your host application.

To check the version of Exago:

  • Navigate to the home page (default exaghome.aspx).
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + V

To check the version of Scheduling Service:

  • Locate the file <scheduler_dir>/eWebReportsScheduler.exe.
  • Right click on this file and select ‘Properties’
  • Navigate to the ‘Details’ tab.

To check the version of Web Service Api:

  • Locate the file <websvc_dir>/bin/ WebReportsApi.dll.
  • Right click on this file and select ‘Properties’
  • Navigate to the ‘Details’ tab.

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