Custom Scheduler Recipient Window

When the functions GetEmailListXml and GetEmailDistributionListXml exist in the External Interface the To and Cc buttons on the Schedule Report Wizard become clickable and open a dialog for users to select email addresses or groups. This dialog can be replaced with a custom window created by the host application.

To utilize a Custom Scheduler Recipient Window:

  1. Set a URL, height and width in the Custom Scheduler Recipient Window parameter in the Scheduler Settings
NOTE. Height and Width are numbers that represent the dimensions of the window in pixels.
  1. In the custom window utilize the following JavaScript functions:




Use this function to retrieve any existing email address data the user has entered into the Schedule Report Wizard.


wrSetScheduleRecipientWindowEmailAddressData (string displayData, string controlData)


Call this function when the user clicks OK to tell Exago the email address data.


The displayData will appear in the To or Cc box of the Recipients window.

The controlData will be passed back to the Host application when the Scheduled report is run and sent out.




Call this function to close the custom window.

  1. Create the function GetEmailList(string controlData) in the External Interface to convert the control data into the actual email addresses when the scheduled report has been run and is ready to be sent.

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