Create a Custom Express Report Theme

Express Report themes can specify background color, foreground color, section shading, borders, fonts, and text size, and can be created directly within the Express Report Wizard. 

To create custom Express Report themes:

  1. Create an Express Report with Headers, Footers, a Page Header/Footer, and a Grand Total.

    Note: If a user adds more Columns, Headers, or Footers than existed on the theme, they will appear without styling. We recommend adding several Columns, Headers, and Footers to your report when creating Express Report Themes. 

  2. In the Layout tab, stylize the report as desired.

  3. Hold Alt+Ctrl+Shift and click on the save button ()

  4. Enter a name for the theme. This name will be displayed to the end-users.



For other custom themes, continue to this article

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