Monitoring System Overview

The Monitoring system is structured in the following manner:


Structure of the monitoring system.

Web Application Database

The Web Application database stores data for report and user interface events. The type of data tracked depends on your configuration. At the Extract interval, the monitoring service moves this data from the local db to the collected db.

Scheduler Application Databases

Each scheduler application has a local database which stores report execution data, if enabled in the configuration. At the Extract interval, the monitoring service moves this data from the local dbs to the collected db.

Scheduler performance data is "persistent," that is, always available, and is therefore not stored in the local scheduler dbs. At the Statistics interval, the monitoring service polls the schedulers for their performance statistics, and logs this data in the collected db.

File Paths for Config Files & Databases

ExagoWeb\Monitoring\Monitoring.sqlite - WebApp db

ExagoWeb\appSettings.config - Select which web app data to track

MonitoringService\Monitoring.sqlite - Main collected db

MonitoringService\Monitoring.exe.config - Set Extraction & Statistics intervals

ExagoScheduler\Monitoring.sqlite - Scheduler local db

ExagoScheduler\eWebReportsScheduler.exe.config - Select which scheduled report data to track

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