Hidden Flags

The following options are inaccessible from the Admin Console, but may be toggled on or off by editing the field in the config file xml.

  • <showcrosstabwizard> – Show or hide the CrossTab Wizard button in the Report Designer.
  • <allowhtmlinscheduledemails> – Set to True to allow users to insert html tags within the body of scheduled emails.
  • <showbrowseroutofdatewarning> (v2016.3.4+) – Set to False to prevent a popup error message from appearing if a user accesses Exago with an unsupported browser.
  • <webfarmsupport> – Must be set to True if running in a web farm environment.
  • <expressviewdefaultformattheme> – (v2017.1+) Select a default ExpressView theme.
  • <aliasallentities> – (v2017.2+) Set to True to always use data object Ids as an alias in the generated SQL.
  • <safemode> – (v2017.2+) Set to True to ensure that data object names and Ids are unique. If not, log an error.
  • <allowearlypagebreak> – (v2017.3+) Set to True to allow users to insert a page break at the beginning of a report, which would cause the first page to be empty.
  • <loadassemblyinexternaldomain> – (v2018.1+) Set to True to load Assembly Data Sources in an external domain, as opposed to the application domain.
  • <canjointransformobjectsindb> – (v2018.1+) Set to False to cause vertical table transformations to be processed in the application instead of in the database. This will prevent the use of advanced joins with vertical tables.
  • <cacheconfig> – (v2018.1+) Set to True to cause the configuration data to be cached in the session. This can increase performance when using extremely large config files.
    Warning: Any in-session operations which modify the configuration will cause erroneous behavior. Such operations include: OnConfigLoadEnd server event, advanced joins, vertical table transformations.
  • <performancetesting> - (v2018.2+) Set to True to set Ctrl+Alt+A to allow for running a report a specified number of times simultaneously for performance testing. Must be run from the report designer for the desired report.
  • <reportlistcache> - (v2018.2+) Set to False to opt out of caching in the GetReportList method when using a Folder Management assembly.

Any fields which are not mentioned here are either not intended for external use or not fully implemented, and should be ignored.

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