Filter Dropdown Enhancements

Version 2017.3 allows users to select how filter dropdowns are populated when typing to search for filter values. Users can now search for values that 'Start With' or 'Contain' the typed text.

Note: This is not to be confused with the ‘Contains’ filter operator, which controls report output as opposed to filter dropdown results.

Switch from ‘starts with’ to ‘contains’ by clicking the cogwheel to the left of the filter value type field.


Search by ‘Contains’

The Search by ‘Contains’ feature gives users the option to populate the filter dropdown list by values that ‘contain’ as opposed to ‘start with’ the search text.

When searching by ‘contains’, typing in the filter value box displays a dropdown with the top 100 values that contain the word or phrase that is being typed. Search by ‘contains’ when browsing larger data sets. Additional values display as you scroll through the list and the typed text is bolded in each of the returned values. 


Searching by ‘starts with’ returns only the first 100 values that start with the typed characters. Use ‘starts with’ searches when you have a better idea of which value you are looking for and need results more quickly.




Checkboxes for ‘Is One Of’ Dropdowns

This feature allows you to select many values at one time for ‘Is One Of’ and ‘Is Not One Of’ filters from dropdown lists by checking boxes next to each relevant value in the list instead of having to select and add each value individually.


You can also switch back and forth between ‘Is One Of’ and ‘Is Not One Of’ operators without having to reselect the values; they remain part of the filter criteria until deselected by unchecking the corresponding box.

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