Actionable UI Elements

The following report designer toolbar items can be attached a "Click" action event handler:

ID Icon
ReportOptionsBtn SettingsMenu.png
SaveReportBtn Save.png
DesignNewReportBtn NewReport.png
UndoBtn Undo.png
RedoBtn Redo.png
FormatCellsBtn FormatCells.png
FormatPaintbrushBtn FormatPaintbrush.png
FontNameList Font.png
BoldBtn StyleBold.png
ItalicBtn StyleItalic.png
UnderlineBtn StyleUnderline.png
UnderlineSelect UnderlineSelect.png
ForegroundColorBtn ForegroundColor.png
BackgroundColorBtn BackgroundColor.png
FontSize FontSize.png
AlignTopBtn AlignTop.png
AlignMiddleBtn AlignMiddle.png
AlignBottomBtn AlignBottom.png
MergeCellsBtn MergeCells.png
SplitCellsBtn SplitCells.png
AlignLeftBtn AlignLeft.png
AlignCenterBtn AlignCenter.png
AlignRightBtn AlignRight.png
AlignJustifyBtn AlignJustify.png
WrapTextBtn WrapText.png
AutoSumBtn Sum.png
InsertPictureBtn Picture.png
EditFormulaBtn Formula.png
SuppressDuplicatesBtn SuppressDuplicates.png
CrossTabWizardBtn CrossTabWizard.png
LinkedReportBtn LinkedReport.png
LinkedActionBtn LinkedAction.png

The return value of the embedded javascript determines whether the result of clicking the button should take place. Return true to cause the button press to be halted, false to continue as normal.


string JsCode = @"(function() {
  return !confirm('Continue?');

return sessionInfo.JavascriptAction;

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