Global Event: OnAfterLoadReportsList

Occurs after reports created in Exago have been loaded in the report tree object, for the purpose of allowing additional items to be loaded in the report tree.


For custom code the args array is structured as follows:

args[] contains one object: A TreeNodeCollection, a list of TreeNode objects which are used to populate the report tree.

NOTE. The TreeNodeCollection and TreeNode classes are defined in the WebReports.dll library, which is not automatically referenced in the Admin Console. To use this server event, add WebReports.dll as a reference, and include the WebReports.UI.Controls namespace.

For .Net Assemblies the method signature is as follows:

void EventHandlerName(SessionInfo sessionInfo, TreeNodeCollection nodes)

Expected Return

The event expects a void return value.


/* Disable a node */
TreeNodeCollection tree = args[0] as TreeNodeCollection;
string[] nodes = { "Sample Reports" };
TreeNode selected = tree.GetNode(nodes);
selected.Disabled = true;
return null;

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