Report Viewer: Customizing report output

In the Report Viewer you can make changes to the style, formatting, and data of the report. These changes can be saved to the original report, to a new copy of the report, or as a user report, by clicking the Save changes icon.

Caution: If you make any changes, you must save them before closing the Report Viewer or you will lose them.

What is a user report?

A user report is a customized version of a report that is specific to you. User report changes are saved separately from the report design, and will only show when you run the report yourself. These can be useful if you want to make changes to a locked report.

Note about cookies: User reports may be stored as browser cookies. Ask your administrator whether this is the case. If so, then user report changes will only apply to your current computer and web browser. Clearing your browser cookies will remove any user report customizations that you have made.

Styling data cells

Right-click a cell to open the style menu. Using this menu you can set custom styling for the following: Font, Size, Color, Background color, Text decorationAlignment, Word wrap. Styling applies to all cells of the same type in the group; affected cells are outlined by a yellow band.


Right-clicking a cell to change its styling

For group cells with dynamic data from fields or formulas, use the Conditional Filter list to apply styling to only the cells that meet a certain condition. For each of the following options, styling applies to the cells of the same type in the group that meet the specified condition:

Apply to all

All cells

Apply to equal values

All cells with the same value as the selected cell

Apply to unequal values

All cells with different values than the selected cell

Apply to greater values

All cells with values greater than the selected cell (larger number, later date, or alphabetically subsequent)

Apply to greater than or equal values

All cells with values greater than or equal to the selected cell

Apply to lesser values

All cells with values less than the selected cell (smaller number, earlier date, or alphabetically preceding)

Apply to less than or equal values

All cells with values less than or equal to the selected cell

Tip: Select a condition before selecting the styling.

Styling charts

Right-click a chart to open the chart menu. Using this menu you can swap to a different Type of chart, change the color Theme, change the location of the Legend, and change the Sort order of the data series.


Right-clicking a chart to change its type

Managing data columns

Each column on the report has a light gray control box at the top of the page. Change the width of the columns by dragging the control left or right. Sort by a column by clicking the control. To hide a column, right-click the control and select DeleteItem.png Hide Column from the list.

screen.reportviewer_column_menu.png screen.reportviewer_resize_column.png

Resizing a column and right clicking a column to hide it

Setting interactive sorts and filters

Reports can have some additional filters and sorts saved on top of the base report. Click the splitter GrabVert.png icon to open the sidebar to manage interactive sorts and filters.

Filterable fields can be narrowed down to select values or to a range of values. If a data field is not available to filter, click the Add Item Add2.png icon to add a filter for that field. To remove a filter, click the Delete Item DeleteItem.png icon.

The order of sorted fields can be swapped between ascending SortAscendingButton.png and descending SortDescendingButton.png.

You can also add conditional filters to hide rows where the cells do not meet a certain condition. To do so, right-click a cell to open the style menu, select a condition from the list, then click the Filter Values Filter.png icon. Conditional filters are shown in the sidebar.


Adding a conditional filter

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