Dashboard Designer: ExpressView Visualizations

You can create tabular reports and visualizations directly on the dashboard with ExpressView Visualizations. To do so, either:

  • Drag the Add2.png New Tile icon onto the dashboard and select Visualization.

  • Drag a field from the Data Pane directly onto the dashboard.

A KPI chart is the default visualization for a single data field. To add data fields, drag fields from the Data Pane onto the visualization. To swap to a tabular report, click the Show Table TileModeTabularSelected.png icon. To swap back to a chart, click the Show Chart TileModeVizSelected.png icon.

For details on building a tabular ExpressView Visualization, see ExpressView.

For details on building a chart ExpressView Visualization, see Visualizations.

For information about what report settings are available, see Report Settings.

To save the visualization as a new ExpressView, click the menu screen.dashboard_tilemenu.png icon and select Save as ExpressView. The visualization will open in the ExpressView Designer.

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