Server Event: Pass multiple filter values in a parameter

This event allows you to pass a set of filter values in a parameter to an "IsOneOf" or "IsNotOneOf" report filter. This can lessen the number of parameters needed to filter reports dynamically in the API. Filter values are set in a string, and are separated by a delimiter character, such as a tilde (~).

Global Event: OnReportExecuteStart


  • WebReports.Api.Common;
  • WebReports.Api.Reports


Parameter value (with ~ delimiter): "Buchanan~Davolio~Callahan"

IsOneOf filter value (not prompting): @ParameterName@


string delim = "~";

foreach (Parameter param in sessionInfo.SetupData.Parameters)
  // inspect each filter to determine which have this parameter
  foreach (Filter filter in sessionInfo.Report.ExecFilters)
    if (filter.Value == string.Format("@{0}@", param.Id))
      filter.DataValues.Clear(); // remove the parameter from the filter values array

    // get all the filter values by splitting the parameter string into its components
    string[] values = param.Value.Split(new string[] { delim }, StringSplitOptions.None);

    foreach (string value in values)
      // add each part of the parameter as a separate value to the filter values collection
return null;

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