Action Event: Selectively hide point labels

Action events can help give you some finer control over how your visualizations display. Attach this event to a chart to hide the point labels for a specified series.

Note: In this example, the client-side javascript is in separate file to improve readability.

Event Type: Load


string actionString = File.ReadAllText(@"{filepath}\actionString.js");
return sessionInfo.JavascriptAction;


    Setting the showValues attribute to 0 hides the values
    of the specified series defined in your chart wizard. 

    To select the series for which you'd like to hide labels,
    modify the number between the brackets[] (...dataset[CHANGE_ME]).  

    As this value has a BASE OF ZERO, the 0th element corresponds to 
    the first series, the 1st element corresponds to the second, etc.
clientInfo.chartData.dataset[0].showValues = 0;


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