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Exciting news! ExpressView has made reporting so easy that it's become the new standard. For this reason, as of v2017.1, Standard Reports will be known as Advanced Reports.

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If you're looking for information about how to create and edit (what we now call) Advanced Reports, click here.

If you want to know why we made this change, then read on!

We constantly work to make Exago a faster and more easily accessible solution for all users, not just those who are already excellent reporters. When we came out with Standard Reports, it was one of the easiest designers on the market. But we later simplified the reporting process even further with Express Reports and then again with ExpressView.

This has changed the reporting workflow for our users. Now, they often start their report-creation process with ExpressView and then convert to the old Standard Report grid, since it supports a number of features ExpressView currently does not. From there, they enhance their design, taking advantage of the designer’s advanced functionality. In light of this, we felt it was time to give Standard Reports a new name more befitting their new purpose.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Reporting!


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