Create a Folder with the .NET API

The following is a quick explanation for how to create a Folder using the Exago .NET Api. This method assumes your configuration is using the file system, and not using a custom folder management solution.


First, ensure that your application is referencing the ReportMgmtFileSystem class, which is located in the WebReports.Api.ReportMgmt namespace.

using WebReports.Api.ReportMgmt;

Next, ensure that your app has the correct permissions to access the intended file path.


ReportMgmtFileSystem myFolders = new ReportMgmtFileSystem(myApi.PageInfo);

myFolders.AddFolder("ParentFolder", "NewFolder");


ReportMgmtFileSystem myFolders = new ReportMgmtFileSystem(PageInfo, "ReportPath");

In order to use the .NET API to access the report file system, you will need to instantiate a ReportMgmtFileSystem object. The constructor takes two arguments: Your Api object's PageInfo class, and optionally a path to the report repository (if this is not set, the class will use the report path specified in your configuration file).

myFolders.AddFolder("ParentFolder", "NewFolder");

The ReportMgmtFileSystem class contains a variety of methods for folder and report management. To add a new folder, use the AddFolder method, which takes two arguments: A path to a parent folder, and the name of the new folder to be created within the parent folder.

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